long time since ridden? maintenance?

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    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on here in awhile. I've been driving a taxi and at the time I started doing that, I got 2 flat tires on bike. Not driving taxi and just put 2 new innertubes on bike. Anything I need to do or check on the bike since it has been about 8 months since I last rode it? Not sure if it will even start yet. Putting 2nd tire back on bike right now to try it.

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    If there is 8 month old gas in there then get rid of it and get some fresh gas/mix. If you didn't drain the carb of old gas then clean it out as well. A half second shot of wd40 in the spark plug hole would help for a start up lube. check the spark plug and replace if needed. Good time to check the mounting nuts and bolts, intake nuts, exhaust nuts etc. just to be safe. Chain is probably due for a bit of lube as well. If it was running before it should run again.

    more knowledgeable members may have some better ideas

    good luck
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    Good advice from Chaz. Adding something like staybil to your gas will help to keep it from gumming up. Opti-2 has a gas stabilizer in the oil which is one of the reasons I use it. Sometimes you park a bike thinking you'll be riding it the next day and discover months have gone by while it sat. If you know you're putting it away for the season then by all means drain the gas and run the carburetor till the engine dies, but a good little insurance policy is a stabilizing gas additive. Good luck!

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