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Mar 18, 2008
Well so I have been registered to this site for almost a couple weeks now and left a couple posts already. I completely forgot to introduce myself, so here it goes.

I am 22 yrs old and have been riding motorized bicycles since I was around 8. I have been building the things since I was about 5. My father owns Dimension EDGE motorized bicycles which specializes in making friction drive engine kits that fit any bike. He has been doing that for around 20 years now.

Right now i only have 2 bikes... both of which dont have motors on them yet(mostly cuz im broke). The one i am working on getting motored now is a Iron Horse Maverick hardtail MTB. i am putting a Mitsubishi TLE43 with a 52 cc piston and jug coupled with DE's "Professional series" mount(Has no centrifical clutch so i can start the engine on the fly by engaging the engine's drive-roller to the tire) on it.

My other bike is a Giant Stiletto Chopper. This originally had a chinese differential tied to another Mitsubishi TLE43. This differential was very different from the ones used on todays china made stuff(basically used the Jackshaft idea everyone here seems to be talking about). eventually the diff. was ditched due to poor performance(mostly due to cheap manufacturing) and now i dont even know what i want to do with it.

Um... I dont really know what else there is to tell right know but i'll be back to show some pics of my bikes and others my friends own as well as some from my dads shop.


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Wow wish I understood some of that lol. I'm not all that mechanical I'm jealous. Welcome to the madness. I would love to see pictures of your bikes.