is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by crassius, Aug 27, 2013.

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    I've been seeing more and more electric bikes with the powered hubs in southern california. maybe like two 4 strokers and a couple 2 smokers.
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    Sep 18, 2011
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    Yeah, it's no fun working in the heat.
    I had to replace the brakes on my wife's '82 F-100 the other day. I got dehydrated pretty bad after a few hours out there.
    I've put my other projects on hold until the weather gets better (or until I get some more money for parts).

    I don't drive my car every day, so it can wait on the pan gaskets. So what if it leaks a little?

    I have been trying to get 2 of my motorcycles going though. They'll be more fun to ride in the fall too.
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    Mar 14, 2010
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    I've noticed at least one hub driven electric bike around here, see him coming into town usually a little after 6AM in the morning as I am getting off work, my local bike shop owner has told me that he knows of three others that have come in the shop asking if he will help them fix there gas powered bicycles and he refuses because first he knows nothing about them and second because he doesn't have the tools to do much with them even if he wanted to.

    He told me I was the only person around here that he knows of that has been able to keep my bikes going, he suggested that I might advetise that I will work on peoples motorized bikes for them to help keep them on the road... I just laughed and said no way.......! if I saw someone having trouble I would lend a hand best I could, but no way I would invite the constant head ache of people bugging me constantly about every little issue with a poorly built china girl powered bike, if I were to build up a couple of good bikes and sell them that would be different and I would offer to service them up to a point and help them maintain them for safety,but I've seen the bikes my bike shop guy is talking about and the caliber of the owners and would not want the head ache, besides I live about 10 miles out in the country from downtown, id be having to drive into town to help them out... nope cant do!

    I do wish that there were at least a couple fellas or gals here that had a good bike or two and knew how to maintain there bikes, I would really enjoy having someone around to take a ride with every once in a while, just no one around here that has really seen motorized bikes or has much interest in them I guess, the younger kids have almost zero mechanical skills now days and almost zero interest in learning anything outside of brain rot like constant video games and that garbage they call Rap "music" that should have a C in front of that R, this throw away everything is disposable world we live in here in the US has ruined a big majority of the creativity in people, big difference in how things were when I was growing up for sure, I did a complete overhaul on my first small engine when I was 12 years old, it was a Tecumseh HS50 that was on a go Kart my dad bought my brother and I for Christmas, slung a rod and crack the case as was common on the old Tecumseh engines becasue the rods bolts were prone to loosen and becasue we had removed the gov and this thing would really wind up.

    Yep I've noticed interest in most things mechanical have fallen big time, we drive cars and trucks that require very little maintenance now days so people do almost nothing to them, people think they have done something very mechanical if they actually change their own oil...LOL!

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    beginning to believe these are too much for most folks to deal with - 2nd one this week that tried to run straight gas : (

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