[IDEA] Stock Exhaust Modification



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Apr 8, 2011
Victoria, Australia
My uncle works for a car exhaust business in my area, and i asked him about making my stock exhaust quieter. He looked at my exhaust and had a curious idea that, on paper, seems worth a try.

Currently, the holes in the exhaust are flat at 90 degree angles. He suggested that if i get a drill and drill each hole bigger, and at angles, the exhaust fumes will be baffled significantly more and will travel through the baffle a lot easier.

I would have tried this already however i realised i would need to cut into my muffler and then reweld it, which i am not too keen on doing.

See attached picture for an illustrated idea.


recon chris

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Apr 28, 2011
pacific grove
i dont know what exaust you have because mine dosent look like that but from what you have drawn glass pack that baby and youll get all the quiet you have ever wanted.