1. Chaz

    Something actually worth checking out

    I ran across this video which demonstrates the difference in sound level between a regular expansion chamber and a belly bleed approach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsQ_mRrqrTs
  2. B

    [IDEA] Stock Exhaust Modification

    My uncle works for a car exhaust business in my area, and i asked him about making my stock exhaust quieter. He looked at my exhaust and had a curious idea that, on paper, seems worth a try. Currently, the holes in the exhaust are flat at 90 degree angles. He suggested that if i get a drill and...
  3. G

    New from Northern CA - Noise Question

    Just finished the 47cc install of the generic Chinese kit. Oval, not too bad with some minor tweaks. Took some playing with the carb settings to get it right. Now, it's nothing but fun and waiting out the engine burn-in so I can open the throttle some more. ;) Question: Has anybody added an...
  4. B

    would this exhaust fit on my motorbicycle?

    pocket bike exhaust pipe muffler | eBay and would i get improvements in performance? would it be quieter than the stock exhaust? a while ago, i was riding along and all of a sudden the exhaust sound increased ten fold, turns out the end of it (cap) vibrated off so now it's just the baffle and...