I want my wheel back



minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Since switching to the 26inch wheel and getting it adjusted, I have had zero chain problems. I think the little 20" is just not viable for some reason known only to an evil genie who follows me around.

The bike is much harder for me to balance when stopped and even harder to start because of my shaky balance. I might start looking for a 24" wheel to see if that works out for me.

By the way I had two bad 20" on the ebike as well so it isn't just the china girl. I wonder what the difference is. I know it has fewer spokes, but how would that effect the hub. Could it be my weight. Im down to a mere 210 lbs rofl.

The coaster hub just seems to come apart even though it starts out stable. I give up. I will just stay with this or the 24" wheel I guess. I guess it could be the coaster hub is under a lot of stress because of the speed of the bike but I can't image why the 26" would be any better.

Oh well.
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