how to use motorized bicycle forum for posting

Discussion in 'Welcome to the World of Motorized Bicycles' started by paul, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Hi Zonie neighbor, SpookyTooth is in your neighborhood.
    As for Spell Check, format, etc...

    Noob's do the world a favor.
    Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable

    It is a free non-obtrusive web browser that spell checks for you on the fly like this post I am making right now.
    I am a 27 year PC pro, a die hard Microsoft software user, have had my own Internet web server for 10 years and I use it, and I have tried out everything, it is part of my real job.

    Though I can deal with some spelling errors and even some pretty poorly constructed sentences and vague information, what gets me is a full page post without a single line break, let alone a paragraph break like this.

    I can only get a line or two into those and give up.
    If someone can't hit enter now and again to make it easy to read I simply can't and won't.

    One other tip is don't use the 'quick reply' box to post your reply if it isn't a one or two line post.
    Just click the round Reply button.

    That gives you the real editor page and all kinds of options other than formatting like 'Preview Post'.
    'Preview Post' is wonderful. Look at what you are about to post and see if you can read it, the links or pics work, etc before you post.

    I figure if I think I have something useful to add it should at least be readable and easy to understand no matter how long winded I can get ;-}

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