Hit By Car!



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May 12, 2008
so I got hit by my first car today! dumb@ss right turned right into me. Of course I am in Phoenix, land of the non-insured driver, so dude had no insurance, no registration, oh and the car was stolen! luckily i only jacked up my knee and my shoulder a bit, and the bike needs a new taillight and some cable/throttle work. The cops dug my bike though

stay safe,

wear your helmets, boys and girls!

Tj Bunch

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Jun 18, 2008
Or just shoot them... Might I remind you also that WE have no insurance.
I may be wrong but I bet your homeowners would cover if you were at fault.
Being it's a bicycle and most people have Uninsured motorist coverage, which I had to use recently when i got hit by a kid who let his insurance lapse.

Sorry did not mean to Hijack. Happy your O.K. Though.