Help Me Choose Some 2 Stroke Upgrades


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Sep 3, 2020
Newfoundland, Canada
I have just recently finished my first build. It is a 2 stroke grubee Skyhawk gt5a 66/80cc. Everything is stock. I have a boost muffler that looks like a big silver banana on the way in the mail. Now I'd like to upgrade the intake. Right now I have this stock carb.
Should I get this carb?
Or this one?
Also are boost bottles and velocity stacks upgrades or gimmicks? Money is not an issue but I also don't want to waste it on things that are not worth it or unnecessary. Also I know the carb is out of stock And that I'd have to wait to buy it. Any help is much appreciated.


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Oct 2, 2020
The velocity stack is good but I'd suggest that you match the ports on the intake to the barrel..if you look at the gasket after it was will show you the difference in alignment and it's all about the smooth airflow makes more power quicker..that's why the stack helps
The pipe will make a big difference in the amount of torque..probably around 40 to 50 percent more..if you can get a dremmel tool you can match the intake to the head or barrel so there are no abrupt changes in the airflow which disturbs the flow just like the current in water is redirected by objects or or the bottom making it less efficient.