Help..creating ebike from an e scooter

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    Yeah, brain just got it. It's like gears, if my hub wheel spins 2.5 and my rear wheel spins once....i might get 10 mph...prolly good take off. I'll just put the scoot back together and just build another cargo bike to satisfy the build Well wrong again..its not like a2.5 to 1. It's tire against tire so same speed same torque....right???lol
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    It's my modified Juiced Bikes CCS. You don't know what I got. 001.JPG 002.JPG 005.JPG
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    I'd take the swingarm of the scooter and the fork as well and mount it up to a bicycle frame and build an electric lowrider. Throw away all those plastics.. heck maybe even salvage most of the scoot just get rid of the bulk of it. Small diameter wheels are great for hub motors because it's like running a reduction gear. No point in doing a friction drive like that really, cause there isn't really a reduction since you are driving the road with the tire that is driven by the scooter tire anyway, just 90 degrees away and with mechanical losses. I bet you the scoot motor can handle 2-3kw continuous and 8kw+ in bursts. The best deal on batteries right now is the hobbyking 6s 10Ah multistars for $70 a brick, and to overpower the motor slightly you'd need two bricks. I'd go with 3... actually I'm waiting for them to have a sale so I can get some of their 16Ah or 20Ah bricks for my ebike project. also some kind of good controller... or maybe just a crappy one... and run the heck out of it. With small wheels you can really build something very low to the ground, almost like a minibike.

    They say they will discharge at 10c and 20c peak but people online say that's bs, that these packs will sag hard at more than 4c.. which might be ok for you cause that is 40 amps.. I guess a couple peaks of 100A once in a while is OK then.
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    Small wheels equal low speed unless there's a bunch of rpms. The speed of an FD is determined by roller size not tire size. The way SB had the scooter wheel driving the bike wheel created a massively high ratio. A 2" roller turning any size wheel 3600 rpm will top in the low 20s. Increase the roller to 4" and double the speed.

    I agree on the 6s 10ah bricks have been running a pair in series for several years now. Small and light weight with good range on a efficient bike

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