Hello! questions about the exhaust (muffler)



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Oct 12, 2008
Hello! I'm new to this world of motor bikes. These motorized bikes seem AWESOME. I have done lots of research and reading about motorized bikes. I am going to get a 4 stroke engine kit soon. (from five flags)

My question is about the short stock muffler that is included in all kits. Does the smell of the exhaust ever bother you? I'm guessing that when cruising around, the wind should just blow the exhaust behind you, but when you stop, does the smell of the exhaust really bother you? I'm thinking of getting a long muffler so that all the exhaust stays at the back of the bike.

Also, can anyone tell me or give me a link on how to clean a muffler? or are the short stock mufflers one-piece and not "cleanable"? Do the mufflers even need cleaning??(the insides of the muffler where all the carbon is deposited) Would the process of cleaning any muffler (such as a car's muffler) be the same as cleaning the mufflers of these motorized bikes? if so, I think i can just google how to clean a car's muffler.

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Jan 8, 2008
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Welcome to the site!

You won't have to clean a four stroke engine's muffler.

I don't mind the smell of the two stroke engines, but I am not wearing a suit or riding to anywhere that I would offend anyone if I did smell like exhaust.

Mrs. Joe and the dogs are used to it.


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Aug 1, 2008
Yeah the smell of exhaust on my pants is the one thing I dont like about these 2 strokes. When you stop it gets in your clothes.

Turning off the engine at stops helps some but it's still present to some degree.

Installing a pipe that feeds out the back will help I hope.


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Jun 23, 2008
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Yeah modifying the muffler or getting a new pipe really helps with the exhaust smell. Though, with a 4-stroke there probably won't be nearly as much smell anyway.