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Oct 23, 2008
Bay Area
Hello, and let me introduce myself. My name is Brian, and I have been involved with Motorized Bicycles (legally Power Assisted Bicycles) for about 4 years now. I have a Kings 49cc mounted on a Swedish Kronan frame. Its been going now for 4 years and has been no trouble.

I am considering going into business building and retailing these bikes and would like to communicate with anyone currently in the business, or have been in the past two years. I live in the Bay Area, and from what I have found, there is a lot of interest in these bikes, but nobody wants to buy them. Maybe it is the cost? Maybe it is the hassle from the local Police?

Personally, I have not had any trouble with the police. Several people whom I have built bikes for in the past, have commented to me about the trouble they have had with the police ticketing them for one thing or another. Now, they allege they are all legal, not riding in an illegal manner, but are ticketed from everything to operating a motorcycle in a bike lane, operation of a moped with out a license, riding a motorcycle without a DOT approved helmet and operation of a motorized vehicle without a license plate. The CA Highway Patrol defined my bike to me as a "Bicycle with Power Assist", and told me it falls outside the law for a true Motorized Bicycle, Moped or Motorcycle. Another point to mention is that the local DMV told me that I could not register my bike b/c it did not posses a VIN number and that a license plate was not required.

Does anyone know of, or have had success selling these in Northern California? I think that with the economy in the tank, and the high cost of gasoline, this could be a profitable business venture. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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Dec 29, 2007
Hi Lautsprecher, welcome here. If you'd like to know about CA law, and the motor bicycle business in CA I will be happy to help you.

Check here for what is written about the Law, and PM me for Business stuff if you like. I have been doing Motor Bicycle business here in Sacramento about 9 years now.

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Dennis Obert

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Aug 24, 2008
Does anyone know of a 20" frame that will accept a 2 stroke. I have a short person 5'3" that would like a motorized bike and be able to touch the ground at stop signs and signals


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Jul 15, 2008
OC, Ca
If you're interested, there is a conpany down here that is based in LA called Derringer. I personally like the look but he is retailing them at an average of $3500 and does not tell his clients all that there is to know. I'm not a fan of his but check out his site for ideas on marketing. Mike from SMB is very knowledgeable as he has helped with his posts regarding CA law and motorized bikes. Good luck and have fun with it.