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  • Saw this old post and went to the linked web site but didn't see any pricing. I just started seeing these Board Tracer Racer replica or tribute and am now interested in owning one. Would either buy a completed one or build one from parts. Do you sell either?

    I never did it, but know 2 guys who tried, I think, if you machine a spacer for the top, it MIGHT work, BUT the front wheel is NOT in the center of the fork, so the bike will be out of line, the bearing situation in the wheel is Carp, and the list goes on, why would you want to use it?
    Hi Mike
    Best of the Holidays to you when are you picking the winners for the contest???
    Hey Mike, got the recoil yesterday.....thank you very much! Just in time, my old one is really near it's end, it's been getting really if-y the last couple of days. Thanks bro,

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