Hello From Hampton Georgia


Hi,my name is terry, i'm 45 & live in hampton ga.
i've always had a dirt, or street bike, atv,one kind or the other, most had duct tape helping keep them alive.
I bought a 70cc kit from kingsmotorbikes 3 years ago,& put it toghter,& put maybe 25 miles on it, & it set in my yard,in the weather until about 2 months ago. then my son-in-law bought one,& now i'm sure i have put 400 miles on it.but i'm starting to here alot of strange sounds comming from it,& i'm sure it's losing power now.but it set through alot. but the son-in-law has really got me into it now.so i guess i'll start over.
p.s do you know the difference in in-laws,& outlaws? outlaws are wanted. ha!ha!


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
lololol. great to have you with us. i am not much of a mechanic but i would start with the basics like checking the plug and plug wire. not sure if kings has a good wire with them but a lot of the kits have junk ones and a new one helps a lot.


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
welcome to the board. I would thing that the plug and wire would be the first step then maybe spray some carb cleaner into the carb, but I have never done that yet.


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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
Hey Topcat, welcome to the forum. They all make lots of funny noises. But at 400 miles you shouldn't have piston slap. Well unless you got a bad motor or something like that. Try the easiest cheapest things first................

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Piston slap is just one of the players in this symphony of joy. Seriously, it just may be a loose wrist pin. When you get a chance, pop the jug off and have a look. Until then, run it at 24/1 mix and don't rev it too high.


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Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
Now for some dark side advice . ride it like you stole it when it goes to the great motorized bike heaven get yourself a new one to torture. rotfl
With little mileage all you might need is to clean it up and grease the gears and bearing make sure no intake leaks. Look at my tear down posts for some help on whats inside and don't be afraid to ask questions.
Lord Vader
THANKS Norman! that is the best advice I've heard yet. I took the head & jug off yesterday,& did'nt see anything that seemed out of the norm, the bushings are not badly worn, the jug had some tiny scratches, but you could not feel them, the bottom half of the piston,front side,& back side had a dull worn look,so I put it back together,& we road about 8 miles,I ran it harder then I have ever ran it before, 28 mph is wideopen,& I held it wideopen a few times for aslong as I could possibly stand it! OUCH!! & it runs the same as it did, so I'm going to stop worrying about it. it was takeing the fun out of it.
I have a 36 tooth sprocket on the way, so that should help. thanks! & happy not pedaling!! TERRY.