Hello from Florida


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Aug 6, 2016
Hello All,

New to motorized bikes have a lot to learn new nitch for the shop.
1st build I have a 66cc Raw racer kit from King motor bikes no frame still pondering best direction for that have a 1st gen panama jack at the shop but still looking around. Any toughts on the built in tank frames or the purpose built alluminum wheels


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Jan 8, 2016
Mpls Mn
Welcome to the forum. The cheapest new plug and pay cruiser is the huffy Cranbrook, I like them as they have 12 gauge spokes. I grease the hubs, remove the fenders, add front and rear squeeze brakes, so i have 3 brakes for stopping, get a CNC rear 40 tooth sprocket with adapter, add a luggage rack, a led battery powered motorcycle style headlight and tail lite and Im good to go for 250 bucks and a sweet looking bike. The bikes with the built in tanks are really awesome and worth it when your done. They can be a pain in the butt finding all the components and 3 times the final cost. many choices for parts that fit will suit your wants for a build. I've built 2 of them now and love the way they look and ride. The head turns are pretty priceless on them. You can build em to look vintage like I did or totally contemporary with mag wheels and a hydraulic fork. Mine were both vintage look with 2 strokes, springer forks, white tires, third world seats, etc Good luck with what ever you decide.

Ps Watch out for any welded on racks on Huffy bikes as the can crack above or below the weld due to annealing of the metal near the weld joint like on the new panama jack bikes. They look sweet but a cracked frame is not fun or safe.


Dec 11, 2014
I agree with Zip Tie. We have built probably 40+ Cranbrook's now and with the right additions and mods they are awesome. We offer prepped versions of the Cranbrook and the built in tank frames with all the components ready to go on our site and also are more than glad to help with stuff bought elsewhere just ask. I have built several for customers who already owned them but he is right I have seen pics and heard of the frames cracking near the welded on racks so be careful.
Happy motoring!