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    My name is Robert. I am from the Detroit, Michigan area. I just registered on this forum. I am a 24 year old college student. (I went to school late... or as my old roommate said, "I took a long summer vacation after graduating from high school.") I have only just begun to get into motorized bicycles, and I have not outfitted my bike with a motor just yet. I own a Huffy Millennial Cruiser, and I have been looking for a good 2 stroke 48 - 50cc motor kit to buy off the internet, but I do not know of any good sites to buy from. I have been researching for weeks with no luck. I found several sites that claim to sell good motor kits, but I do not know which sites I can trust. If anybody has any advice, I would much appreciate it.
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    Welcome to the forum. Better get it built before winter forces you to park it for a few months. Internet engine vendors usually give you better service than the EBay vendors, Enjoy your motorbike.
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    Welcome .... lots of info here. Good luck and I'm out by Selfridge Airbase
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    Welcome to to forum, Robert. You question gets asked a lot here from new members and we usually tell them that after sale support and warranty is more important than bottom line price.

    Make sure the seller knows his product and is not just a drop shipper who doesn't even know what's in the boxes he's selling and won't stand behind his sale.

    If you look at the vendors who advertise here they are a good place to start shopping.
    Others have had good luck elsewhere and they might chime in with suggestions.
    One thing to keep in mind is that most of the engine kits you'll see advertised are identical. Quality isn't something you can count on by brand name. Decals are cheap. Warranties cost more.


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