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  • So sorry to hear about your folks. I'm glad that you have family here you can all stick together to share great memories. Take care Keith
    lost both my parents while down their kinda changes your outlook on things, all my kids and grand kids live here
    Glenn here. I found the Lifan 3HP 97.7 engine on my own looking for a vertical cylinder engine. You did exactly what I want to do. Is there a difference between the Lifan engines? You mentioned some thing about yours being LF152F, but all the ones I found are all side valves. I almost bought an engine from HD, but I'm not sure. Did you use a pre-made motor mount? What mount did you end up with? I already have a hub on the way that I can put sprockets on from 36T to 56T. My peddle side will be stock. I hope to go directly from the transmission (clutch and primary chain/ reduction gear) directly to the rear wheel. I'm just not sure what gears to use or exactly what vendor to get this stuff from. Do you happen to have a parts list? Could send me the current links? This is my first 4 stroke, but I have built dozens of 2 strokes. My frame is on it's way from Thailand. It looks like I'll have plenty of room to use the Lifan engine.
    Received a 98cc doodlebug motor from flea bay today for 35.00 plus expensive shipping. I've read your 98cc build post about 10 times and then found where you sold it this summer. Was wondering if you are using jackshaft plate on another build or if it was just laying around? This is my first four stroke build and i"m trying to save some dough.

    Also, I was confused about leaving govenor hooked up, I have not taken it off yet but seems there would not be much range for clutch.
    Mine is a repop frome the 80's.Best fork I have ever used! Has a up and down motion not a front to back llike others.Way better IMO then the Monark which moved all over the place.
    Hey, I wondered how your columbia springer is working out, I am building a MB with one and had doubts, about whether it is sturdy enough? or if it shimmies like some kinda rattle trap. also, is yours a vintage fork or is it a repop?
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