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    im new to the motorized bicycle scene and have a few questions. first, what company is the best and most reliable to buy from? second, what is the largest motor kit i can buy? im a big guy and need somthing with a high amount of torque and horse power to get me going at +40 mph. third, which is better, a dry roller or drive chain? i also want to do some basic mods like porting, air intake, small amount of aerodynamic work, ect. anything to get going faster.
    one big problem i have noticed is the amount of these motors are coming from
    china, are there any american made kits?
    thankyou in advance
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    Well, I gotta warn ya that you've set yer sights a lil high lol - there's no "kit" engine that'll getcha 40+ particularly if yer a "big guy" - pretty much all the kits, 2 and 4 stroke will do about thirty out of the box... some less. Unfortunately there's no american made kits either.

    There is however the Morini which is a quality engine with pretty much the highest power to weight of the engines available - you can check 'em out and the bikes ppl have built here: Morini Motors BUT they are not a kit and can be a challenge. If this is your first build you may wish to consider an inexpensive Chinese in-frame kit to learn with.

    Later when you've sorted it out you can upgrade to a Morini using the accessories from the Chinese kit (throttle, tank, sprockets, etc)... Just a thought ;)
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    < Hope I was able to help a little. >
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    Hi bushido1287
    And welcome to the forum
    Cheers from Blow By U

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