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    Mike Fairbanks (aka Fairmont, a nickname dating back to my teenage years from a guy who never could get my last name right. So my friends teased me with it, it stuck, and I bought a Ford Fairmont to seal the deal).

    I'm a 44 year-old elementary school teacher who is the smartest kid in the classroom (most of the time) and sometimes the most mature. I teach just about anything, but mostly I love to stir the imagination of kids and get them thinking and making. I teach some really smart and creative kids, so they keep me motivated to try crazy stuff.

    I stumbled upon this website while reading electricbike.com and thought, "maybe an engine would be a fun project after all my e-biking.

    My venture into motorized bikes started when I had a thought most guys have: How can I ride a bike and have fun, like when I was a kid, but not risk losing the beer belly I've worked hard to create?

    Answer: Motorized bikes.

    My first E-bike was a Schwinn Ranger. It was heavy and ugly, but worked great. 24mph and a 10-mile range. It was a prototype, so-to-speak, because I only used the bike to test the kit.

    My first real build was a Worksman Industrial Tricycle. It aint no Schwinn Meridian. It's tough and can hold 500 pounds. It goes 24mph on the flats and can take the hills. It's 36volt, 14ah, 22 amp controller, 500 watt motor. Note the upside-down trashcan to keep the battery and controller dry.


    I built a couple other rides before finally finding something worthy. I took a 1988 Schwinn High Sierra frame, tossed most of the components, converted it to a single-speed, put extra thick road bike tires on it, the motor up front, a coaster brake in the back with front hand brake, and 48 volt 9ah battery. It tops out at 28mph and has a pedal-free range of about eight miles around town (hills), and about ten miles on the flats. It's pretty light for an ebike because it's a stripped down bike. I love it. Fast, fun, and only takes a couple hours to charge.

    So I might make a motorized bike with gas. Why not. Should be fun.

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    Welcome to the forum. You're certain to find electric friends here. The forum owner/administrator, Paul, recently made the switch from fossil fuels to electric. If you need help/advice with a gas powered build, there's plenty of that here too.
    Thanks for joining and sharing your experience. Have fun, ride safe.

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    Welcome to the forum Fairmont .:) This place is just loaded for days with with ideas.
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    Welcome to the forum. Have fun and ride safe!
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm a Falcon fan from way back in the days of Tommy Nobis and Claude Humphrey. The head slap was legal then so all the O linemen were practically deaf. I did get to see the Dirty Birds at the Georgia Dome before moving out west. I lived in AZ when they finally made it to the Superbowl.
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    Welcome mike, I grew up in Ford family. My old man had I thing about the Galaxie 500 and for Fairlanes .
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    welcome fairmont. i really like your trike. if the roads were wider hear i would have one but as it is they are only just wide enough for cars. at least with my ebike i can hug the side of the road if necessary. i look forward to hearing about your builds. motorized bicycles are a blast electric or gas powered.

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