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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bodydropped, Jul 13, 2009.

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    i would like to introduce my self. im mike from lawrenceville ga

    i have 2 projects goin right now 1 is a "reliable" source of transportation so far around 80 miles with minor issues nothing bad.
    the other is a old 15.00 bike i bought just to push the motor to the max not on the street of course
    im going for max speed and smooth throttle response maybe im askin to much but ive done more with less hahaha i ve built some pretty stout honda engines when i was in to little import cars but i gotta tell ya im more excited about these little engines.
    bang for buck i get more out of this "hot rod bicycle" project than i did when i was modding cars.

    so far on my 2 bikes i have the black stallion kit from gasbike the kits are like any other kit good running engine but cheap bolts on my speed project i have snapped bolts twice now.on the "reliable"bike im topped out at 38mph but i cruise at 25-27 nice and smooth only a little playin with the carb.
    on the other ive ported and polished the head/jug notched the piston ported the intake and exaust and am waiting on a tuned pipe and would like a better carb.i have a slant head on the way aswell as a neat little sprocket.im having issues finding better bolts at the moment.ive got a top speed thus far on this one but im holdin back til im done.anyways that what ive got goin and right now im hooked on this hobby i reminds me of my nitro rc cars kinda dnut
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    welcome to the forum. thatsdax or sbp might have some better studs and bolts.
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