Headlight took a hike

Went over to my sons house the other day and when I got back I noticed my headlight was missing. The only thing left was the cheesy plastic mount and the rubber band. The screw that secured the light to the mount pulled through the plastic mount. Made my own mount out of one of those aluminum mirror mounts. Filed a flat spot on the outside of the bottom piece of the clamp for the light to sit on, drilled a hole for a 6-32 screw and counter sunk it from the inside,ran a 6-32 tap through the old hole in the lamp and screwed it down. Put it on my bike and aimed it where I wanted it to shine, took it off and drilled another hole through the bottom part of the mount and the lamp housing for a 4-40 stabilizing screw, tapped the hole and put the 4-40 screw in. Now its stable. My new light sports 14 XML-t6 Cree LED's. You have to take care not to hit the lamp circuit board when drilling and tapping the holes. I had to use my crimp tool which has screw cutters on it to get the screws the right length,they should just penetrate through the lamp housing. You have to remove the lens cap from the light while you are doing the drilling,screwing and tapping so you can see what your doing so as not to damage the innards of the light. I also used loctite on the screws. Hope I didn't bore you with this.
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Jul 13, 2010
Pictures if you can post would help. I'm almost hoping I loose one of the strap on head lamps I have. This particular one has two AAA batteries run down so much faster than many other.

For 15 dollars I got a new one that has a focus beam you can adjust. It uses 3 AAA batteries. I never ride at night, but my bike is used for off road OHV legal in the woods only.

I did mount in the visor of my helmet a SJCAM 4000 WiFi Camera. I drilled only through the portion of the visor and not the helmet itself.

Next time I ride I'm going to sacrifice grain of the video to get more frames per second. Unless the trail is really smooth the videos come out horrible to watch. Strange that in the moment the brain can adjust so you can see OK. The brain just can't seem to fix watching the same thing later as a video though.