Has this happend to you?

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    Well I not sure if it’s a Canadian thing or just a Montréal (Quebec thing),

    I went to Canadian Tire to buy a new plug the only one I could find was the chapion low profile, I really wanted the NGK B5HS so I went to the Parts counter and asked.

    Big mistake the guy looked it up on his computer and could not find it in his system, then he promptly told me that it does not exist. I literally started laughing and told him what I thought of his response and told him that I would pick one up on my next cross border trip.

    Funny thing this has happened yo me on other occasions but only in Montréal

    One notable time in Futureshop (Best Buy) buy a firewire cable, I went across the street at a competitor went back to Futureshop to show the salesman his error,
    he didn’t seem to care.

    I am not sure if it because it’s because they are instructed to not to send a customer to another store or just plain ignorance

    Anyway just wanted to vent a little.

    Ps. I probably will go across the border in the next day or two it’s a long weekend here!rotfl
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    AutoZone has told me the NGK does not exist.....went across the street to the Albertson (grocery store) shopping center where there is a Checkers auto parts store....And I mean right across the street....Checkers has it right on the counter for small engine's for lawn equipment...

    Oh...one time Autozone told me that Champion does not make spark plugs any more rotfl rotfl.....Bosch and Autozone have become buddy,buddy..I guess he only wanted me to buy Bosch plug's.

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    Yeah they are just counter monkeys. Never confuse them with people who give a fart about the company. I never got any shlock, just no car places seem to have them. Although some have B6HS.

    I have used the B5HS, B6HS, B7HS. And they seem to be most findable in that order as well! I bought the B7HS on a whim for .69$. I should have bought 5. Before that I bought B5HS on eBay for around $2 each.

    Search eBay for B5HS, B6HS, B7HS - looks like some great deals right now.

    I have to say, I expected the B7HS to foul or something. BUt it runs great.

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