Happy Canada Day to everyone


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Jul 13, 2010
I'll have some pea bacon, thanks!
I saw some lets say US Style Canadian Bacon in the store I went to. There is a sign outside the store saying if you don't see something you want to ask them to stock it. Do you know if there are places that sell it in US? I was thinking of making some from scratch. I picket up mesquite wood chips for the smoker grill. Asked about chunks, but they did not have. May check another supplier that had a huge bag of wood chunks around 25 pounds for 15 dollars US. Homedepot at one location had it. Tractor Supply has chips and pellets Those yellow pea or pea meal maybe Amazon..


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Feb 13, 2009
British Columbia Canada
Hi M.T.

They use corn meal to coat the bacon now so if the Canadian bacon you saw had it as a covering then it was the real thing. Myself, I would think that taking the time to make your our would be time well spent. As for pea meal I have no idea where to get it. You may have to mill your own with a grinder or just use corm meal..