Handlebar mounted killswitch with key?


New Member
Feb 2, 2012
Anyone know of a handlebar mounted kill switch with a lock/key build in? Essentially what you'd find on a scooter, but meant to be mounted to 7/8 inch handlebars.

Also, off topic; I signed up for this forum like 3 or 4 years ago, and only posted like 2 times. Switched over to a pre-built scooter, so didn't really come back here for anything. Sold my scooter, and now finally getting around to building another motorized bike, so I figure this forum is probably a good place to start hanging out. Have packages filled with all sorts of parts and electronics and whatnot coming in over the next few days. Where is the correct place in the forum to start a thread about my build, to post details and pics, etc? Have some big plans for my new build, and a few ideas that I might need advice on to execute.