Guinea Pigs wanted for Opinions-got one?
Jun 25, 2008
Hi guys,

If i can get some outside views i'd be very grateful. You may have already visited (if not have a browse..) therefore, as you may know we build custom MB's to Order.
My question is this, would you feel better:
a)Paying full price straight away...
b)Paying 20% of the sale price and paying remaining balance when bike is built just prior to dispatch?
c)Having the option to do either...

The reason i ask is that we had some sales on the ready made bikes with option a), but since i've trialled option b) sales have actualy dipped!...i'm wondering if it makes people think we're a scam or something. Any ideas/opinions/suggestions

Really appreciate this guys, thanks.
Jun 25, 2008
Ok guys cheers, have changed it back now. Can i ask, any particular reason why you'd rather fork out total in one transaction?

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I would do it mainly because if I were to buy a high line ready to ride bike, like any motorcycle, I'd pay up front. I realize these are custom built, but I would still feel better to unload my money up front....reduces the possibility to change one's mind later and gives you some leverage with the company building the bike that you ALREADY PAID FOR.


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Same reason as BGJ...If I pay 20% I know I'll change my mind or find a better deal. At least if I pay upfront, I may find a better deal but I'll I do is kick myself.
What is your policy for 20% if they change thier mind? Will you return it?
I saw on your web site that you offer a year warranty. What are you CRAZY!! How's that working for you with these china motors?


Dec 26, 2007
Scottsville, VA
I agree with the majority here....seems like it is more natural to pay for something all at once....BUT a possible alternative is this : I recently ordered an oil purification system that had to be custom made (about a 2 week lead time)....I "paid" for it up front by giving them all my credit card info...BUT the company doesn't charge my Credit card until they ship it out....I have made several different purchases this way BUT I think if the lead times were shorter the company could have just charged me up front and I would have been none the wiser and just assumed the delay was in the shipping or they may even state the approximate lead time and bill up front anyways....

Hope this helps you.