Guess what!!! an air leak!!! again!!!


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Jul 7, 2008
Ok... so I just lost about 50% of my torque and power... just torqueless and powerless...and all symptoms point out to an airleak!!! so I replaced the intake gaskets and made sure there were no leaks in the manifold...replaced the spark plug... and cleaned the carb twice... still the same... for 2 days I used the MB again... then I noticed the clutch was slipping!!! so I opened up the clutch cover to adjust the clutch... what I found was not nice... the good news is that there was so much oil in there that the gears would not wear out... bad news is that the oil seal is gone!!! so that's where all the power and torque is going... Another good news is that the engine did not seized up with all the leaks and have been travelling for 2 days like this!!! good thing i was still able to ride home... it's 40 kms per day so it's 80kms... I have only been using this engine for almost 3 months... *sigh* back to public transport again... :(

Now, I'm planning to replace the bearings with sealed ones and good oil seals... anybody knows where I can get some good oil seals for this???

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Jun 29, 2008
memphis tn
Man that stinks. Glad that you found the problem before it got any worse. As far as replacements go, I haven't a clue where to go, but I am sure someone here does and will reply soon.
I know you'll be rolling again soon though.