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steel rat

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Mar 20, 2008
Hi everyone, I have been reading over your site since Christmas when I got a motor kit from my wife, great ideas and good infomation. I love vintage bikes and have a 68 Triumph 250 which due to back surgery I can't kick start right now. So the little bike motor is a good way to get my fix. I got the bicycle I am using back 8 years ago because I saw it would be perfect to be a wizzer clone. Its a Murray Classic which came with a springer front end, full fenders and the old school luggage rack. Its been sitting there unridden just waiting to get the motor. I work at a state park with 1721 period fort so I get to rebuild all the neat stuff you would need if you were sent there 275 years ago. So most of my skills blacksmithing and wood working are used to build period correct buildings, cannons and the like. I have joined your forum because I know little to nothing about the little bike motors and how to make everything work. I will be asking for help with some of the problems I have been having mounting the motor and how to make it work right. I am looking forward to learning and riding.
Steel Rat AKA Brad Spear


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
hi brad and welcome to the forum! we have lots of really sharp people who love to help others. motorized bicycles are great fun. best of both worlds. bicycles and motorcycles. glad to have you with us (^)