Greetings from Kentucky


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Jul 2, 2008
I'm Stuart from Frankfort, Kentucky. I've been lurking for a few days here reading and learning as much as I can before I set up my first motorized bike. A friend of mine in Louisville put together a Staton Inc kit with his Honda gx31engine he had from an old roto tiller. Well, I've been enamoured with his project ever since and I just have to build one (maybe a second for my son). I'm pretty set on going with the Staton-Inc rack mount 4 stroke NuVinci drive and currently looking for a good bike to mate it with. Any suggestions on quality retro looking beach cruisers ?? I've been thinking about a Schwinn Deluxe 7 if I can find one, but I know that Schwinn isn't the company they used to be and I'm not sure the bike would hold up to this or not. I sure do love the old Schwinn Phantom look though....sort of the '59 Caddy of bicycles ! I definately want a high quality springer front end, and quality hand brakes on both front and rear, and balloon tires. A cool retro bike is what I'm my son calls it, the "ultimate old man bike" LOL.
Anyway, this forum is great and I look forward to continue learning and sharing my experiences with the build(s).


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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
Welcome to the forum. I have a Schwinn Jaguar that I made into a motorized bicycle. I really like the retro look. Of course I'm an old man and like the old man look. Glad you joined us........................


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Jan 30, 2008
Hurricane Utah
Hi Stuart, the reason I opened you post is, I went for a walk this afternoon down at the new Long Beach Pike, in Ca. what I'm getting at is my wife said "I hate California", me too, was my reply. Kentucky sounds soooooo good to me now. I'm Old too and I love the early look also. I never knew a kid back in the day that could afford a Phantom but we all wanted one. I saw an original the other day, they still have that mystique. I have the last Schwinn that was made before they were bought out for the exercise stuff. The new bike looks good though, and I have seen a lot of them motored. Good to have someone from Kentucky. Have fun, Dave