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Johns custom bike

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Aug 6, 2015
Appleton, Wisconsin
I'm getting fed up with Add to dictionary I've ordered a kit on Wednesday morning still waiting for it to ship out. I have called and called and emailed but no answer. Anyone else have this problem with them??


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Mar 25, 2017
Costa Rica
I ordered a kit from them and found out the hard way that their staffing is basically non-existent. Never answered the phone, did not respond to emails, nada.

After looking at a "not filled" order status for days, which also listed an incorrect international shipping address that I was trying desperately to get corrected, I cancelled the order on a Tuesday at 8am pacific time. I immediately got an auto response email acknowledging that my message was received. They shipped anyway at 5pm that day.

Finally got the attention of people there, they claimed they had cancelled the shipment and the order was being returned. I ordered from another source. Their claim was pure BS. The kit was delivered to my freight forwarder 5 days later. So I ended up and buying and paying import taxes etc. on two kits.

Sorry forum, I know they advertise. But gasbike was for me an understaffed nightmare of a "business" to deal with. I hope your experience, if you go that route, is a lot better than mine. Perhaps if gasbike sees enough posts like this one they will make some attempt to become a little more responsive.

Johns custom bike

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Aug 6, 2015
Appleton, Wisconsin
Still no replies on the kit I've ordered from them. All it says is "label was created" but it hasn't been a week yet I'll give them until next Wednesday which will be a week. Still seems suspicious they don't answer my emails or phone calls.


May 4, 2017
Doesn't surprise me. I'm starting on week 3 right now and still no email no calls, my account has listed the item back ordered for the last week but was listed as approved the week before.

In any case I a just awaiting for my bank to refund my money and ill let my bank deal with getting the money from them.

As far as those that commented about them being supporters here, that is how I cane across and Kings Motor bikes which are the same business with the same address and same phone number. I how ever ordered from their third business

In any case I hope you can get yours straightened out. I got enough stress in my life with work that I don't need to stress out with a business that operates like a scam.


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Jun 2, 2010
New York
As I have said before in other threads, Always by by credit card or PayPal. That way, you have protection.

As for Gas-Bike, again as I have said in other threads, It looks like they are paying the correct amount of ducats to be listed prominently on this site, and not banned.


May 25, 2008
Just want to point out that the forum can't police outside companies. It's been said many times and in many threads, competitors have stated falsely about another companie's or vendor's conduct and practices. If you search, there is not one vendor who advertises here who does not have complaints. One of the very first vendors on this site sold me (a moderator on this forum) a piece of equipment that he knew to be defective and dangerous. I had always thought well of him and did not bother to research his reputation (which is very good, btw) or the product. Not having looked for information about him (which would not have helped) or the part, I am out $87. And deservedly so. I did not bother to do the regular shop online safeguards.

When ya buy some thing online or anywhere, as a consumer it is just good practice to do your due diligence. What is the companie's reputation and standing. Outstanding consumer complaints, etc.

I do not mean to disregard your situation or blame the victim, John. In absolutely no way. Just responding to the thought that the forum accepts cash to be disconcerned.
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Jul 10, 2017
Gasbike is VERY slow at shipping. Sometimes a week before they say my item is shipped. Only use them because my budget is limited.

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My review of gasbike has changed. I ordered a wheel set and got a bike frame.
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Feb 28, 2010
Thanks for that. I'm just wondering what are the good trustworthy sites!

They carry the good stuff like real Grubee Skyhawk engines and not only answer the phone, they have a live chat box on their web site to help you.

I buy my engine kits there, but gasbie/kings carries a lot of parts I use regularly for a good price and my parts always arrive in a timely manner.