Gas tank mounting


Jan 16, 2016
Hales Corners, WI, USA
I'm running into a roadblock with my first build (utilizing a China girl kit), and that is mounting the gas tank to my top tube interferes with my brake cable, as well as my front and rear derailleur cables. Anyone have any advice for mounting?

Nashville Kat

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Apr 20, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
If the cable housing is split and runs through braze-ons on the frame, you could always go with one piece housing and bind it with plastic ties.

Only other advice is don't OVER TIGHTEN the bolts- a common mistake that cracks the tank at the bolts.

Venice Motor Bikes

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Mar 20, 2008
Los Angeles, CA.
A little trick that I do is to run the bare cables through some 10mm nuts that are two-sided taped to the frame & then mount the tank on top of the nuts so that the cables move freely under the tank.


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Jun 3, 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia
I would recommend that you also make the following mod on your gas tank. Scrape, sand, etc. a circle about the size of a nickel or quarter around the base of the tank studs. Also do the same with the studs about one half to three quarters inch from the tank towards the end of the studs. Take some jb weld or similar and build up a cone in this area. This will really help prevent a leak at the base of the studs.

One more thing, if you haven't already done it, rinse out your tank with your gas mix to clean out any "factory debris" that may be there. Best to do this after you've done the above mod to eliminate the chance of oil getting on the studs or the base of the studs. This will help get better adhesion for the jb weld.
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