Fuel causing damage to filter

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    Here's a new one...cheap fuel filter failed during a ride. When I pulled the filter I found it had gone soft!
    I think all the ethanol in modern gas blends is the cause of this, along with typical chinese quality.
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    I've never seen this with a plastic fuel filter but I have experienced fuel line failure, softening and leaking on neoprene fuel lines on my hot rod and lawnmower that I can only attribute to ethanol. In fact I got a warning from my insurance company, the one who covers my street rod about this problem. Not long after I got their email a fuel line on the car started leaking in my garage. It had turned to goo. Gasoline doesn't do that but ethanol will.
    Your problem doesn't surprise me but I will be watching my plastic filters closer.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

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    Way back my buddy and I went for a ride to a friends house. When we left he noticed his stock fuel line had hardened in the months we had been riding these 'new fangled things'. I had cracked and leaked all his fuel out. We rode to the gas station, he peddling, me towing him when we could do it safely. We repaired his fuel line with a Bic pen, he filled up and we rode ~6 miles back to my house and we put some real fuel line on his bike.

    At the time, we thought it was the ethanol in the gas that had caused the fuel line to harden. Turns out we were probably correct. lol
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    That is pretty funny . I had the hardest time finding a inline petcock for a custom build. Had resorted to coupling the fuel lines with the sleeve of a white bic pen as it was all I had lying in the garage. Desperate to ride the machine it got left on there for awhile lol. . . It never did melt tho.
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    I'm still using the original "screen" filter and 1/4" automotive fuel line.

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