Fastest mountain bike I have built!


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Nov 23, 2019
This is a reply to those who fear using lightweight aluminum frames due to cracking issues.
I bought a used Diamondback Outlook mountain bike. All aluminum frame and as light as my road bikes.
I put a Zeda Firestorm YD100 kit on it and it will hit 54mph on a
flat road for almost 2 miles. The YD is a torque monster, so even with a 36t rear sprocket, You can take off from a
standing start with little or no clutch slippage. It goes up hills and grades without missing a beat, and is
fun on the trails as well as the road. Here also is a video of it going on the street, and a spin on a local bike trail,
and then on the expressway.
20200630_205049 (1).jpg