Extreme 4 stroke engine vibration Huasheng 142f


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Mar 23, 2020
The first time started my Huasheng 142f 49cc 4 stroke motorized bike, it ran perfectly just like I wanted to, the idle was super smooth and very quiet. But when I actually used it vibrated A LOT. I did some research online about it but I found nothing helpful that could answer my problem. Now tho it idles terribly it goes up and down, it's quite loud, and vibrates the sh!t out of the bike. When I go slow it gets smoother but any faster than slow it has EXTREME amounts of vibration. Seriously tho like if you ride it for 10 seconds your whole body will feel in pain. I don't understand why it vibrates soooo much, I checked to see if it was the clutch, chain, chain tensioner... But that was not the problem. I tried adjusting the valves to be .004 intake and .006 exhaust and that changed nothing. I checked the carb and it's fine. I tried adjusting the carb and that just makes it worse or only very slightly better. I am quite disappointed with this 4 stroke engine as the reason why I bought it was because it was supposed to be "smooth", "quiet", "efficient", "low vibration" but it is none of those things. My 2 stroke feels like a Rolls Royce compared to this thing.

Does anyone know what the issue could be?
Thanks in advance.


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Mar 11, 2017
Salem Oregon
...if it started off decent but is getting worse, it sounds like something's loosening or came loose. I hope it isn't internal. My Super Cheapo 142f is butter smooth, so something definitely amiss with yours.


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Oct 7, 2021
Thought about fitting some thick rubber engine mount vibration abbsoberbs? Or something similar, when j was building my 2 stroke i did see that its something you can fit if the pedal
Vibrate too much.