1. U

    Help finding square CDI for Honda 50 Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke

    I've been searching for the parts to remove the Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke Rev limiter (some call it a governor I believe erroneously). The process to do this is detailed in a few threads here. One from a long time ago that I cant find and a more recent one called something like Ungovern Huasheng...
  2. Tom74

    Extreme 4 stroke engine vibration Huasheng 142f

    The first time started my Huasheng 142f 49cc 4 stroke motorized bike, it ran perfectly just like I wanted to, the idle was super smooth and very quiet. But when I actually used it vibrated A LOT. I did some research online about it but I found nothing helpful that could answer my problem. Now...
  3. P

    Best 4 stroke 38 - 49cc kits for beginner, first build

    I'm brand new to motor bicycling. I have a sixthreezero evryjourney bike (, I want to install a 49cc or less kit. I've been looking at KMB, BikeBerry, and most recently, Golden Eagle. I'm trying to compare a kit...
  4. 4banger

    New Huasheng won't break 22mph, why?

    I'm having an issue with my huasheng 4stroke stock with 44t pinapple rear sprocket. Old one was great, hit about 28-35mph on the regular, slight knocking once in a while on inclines. New kit won't clear 22mph but runs smooth. Would like to hit 30 again though. First, everything ,bike and all kit...
  5. T

    Looking for replacement sprocket for HuaSheng 49cc transmission

    Need a replacement sprocket, but am having difficulty finding one that fits this type of shaft. Please let me know of anyone who sells this sprocket or this transmission . Thanks.
  6. K

    huashengcan smelling like gas with spark plug already in it

    huasheng came smelling like gas with the spark plug already in it I've got the 49cc 4-stroke and it's been a total disaster it's past the one-month mark with Pay Pal but under the 3-month mark so I'm trying to return the motor . It came reeking of gas and thev spark plug was already in it so...
  7. S

    Broken Choke Lever on HuaSheng 142F Engine

    OK- need some help from someone other than MacGyver. I bought a brand 4 stroke kit with a 142F engine and it showed up in good shape with the exception of a broken choke lever. After trying to crazy glue/ epoxy it back together- it was in three pieces, I gave up and drilled a hole down...
  8. S

    Honda versus Huasheng w Belt Drive Trans

    TOTALLY new to this but want to build my first motorized bike. Picked up a nice Genesis Astra 7 speed bike at Walmart for $139 on sale. Solid AL bike with space for a 4 stroke. Read online that I should cut some conduit to use behind engine clamps during mounting to spread the load of the...
  9. spiderskzes

    sbp air filter huasheng

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. But do i need to adjust my air/fuel mixture after installing the sbp air filter? My bike was idling fine but was boggind down for a couple seconds when i had it at full throttle. I also have a straight pipe exhaust. thank you .spr.
  10. shwnrttr

    2 stroke pipe on huasheng?

    i was wondering if my old 2stroke pipe would bolt up to the huasheng? would it be the right diamator? i think its 7/8''
  11. shwnrttr

    yellow and green huasheng

    check out this yellow huasheng
  12. D

    Qmatic & HS Top Speed?

    I'm looking into purchasing the Qmatic and am wondering what kind of setup will give me the highest top speed. My stock HS will get me up around 32-33 with a little shove to get going. Not great bottom end but I never have to peddle. I'm basically looking for the same thing from the Qmatic. A...