huasheng 49cc
  1. Tom74

    Extreme 4 stroke engine vibration Huasheng 142f

    The first time started my Huasheng 142f 49cc 4 stroke motorized bike, it ran perfectly just like I wanted to, the idle was super smooth and very quiet. But when I actually used it vibrated A LOT. I did some research online about it but I found nothing helpful that could answer my problem. Now...
  2. P

    Anyone know of any MA approved engines?

    I'm looking for MA approved engines / motorized bicycles. Currently, I'm trying to figure out if will work. I'm confused by the big Non-Road Engine sticker on it. Also, I'm not sure how to reduce the top speed...
  3. U

    Troubleshooting a Huasheng 4-stroke Engine

    Hello Motor I'm Matt, a new member to this forum, however I've been working at this motorized bike for close to 3 years now and I've only got it running a hand full of times unfortunately. First a little bit of background about the bike. I first purchased the Huasheng 4-Stroke...