Easy Made Drag Bars



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Sep 17, 2010
Southern California
I wanted longer bars on my '54 Schwinn motor bicycle to accommodate the 3D Motorsports levers. I made the ones on the bike a few years ago but they had too much arc and not enough straight area. So I cut the length I needed and put a BMX stem in the middle. Then I put another stem about 2'' away from the one in the middle.

Holding it in the vice, I used a large Irwin clamp to slowly draw the legs of the stems together.

By repeating it on the other side, I have the bars I needed.

The tubing is not real thick wall and there was a slight wrinkle at the bend, but totally usable. If the tubing was thicker wall I would need to use the vice for the bending. And if the stems were farther apart, they may not wrinkle. Overall after painting them black and installing the levers, grips, mirror and throttle, I'm happy with the results.
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