Do you have a favorite, and why?

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by 2door, May 7, 2014.

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    I'm not sure what the ratio is between owners of a single motorized bicycle and those who have more than one.
    A couple of years ago there was a thread asking how many bikes do you own? For those of you who have, or have had more than one bike this thread is for you.

    Today I took a bike out for a ride and while I was riding it occured to me that of all the bikes I've built and owned, it remains my favorite. It has performed perfectly from day one, never failed me on long or short rides, is comfortable to ride and because of the way it looks gets a lot of attention. It has just over 2000 miles on it and it will start within ten feet of pedaling even if I haven't ridden it for weeks, or months. It is quiet, smooth and fast. It will easily do 42mph but I usually never exceed about 25 to 28.

    I wouldn't consider selling it or ever changing any aspect of that old bike. You just don't mess with perfection.
    If you look in my profile photos it is the old beige and brown bike with the Norton decals on the fuel tank. If it could be improved it would be the addition of a suspension fork but they are hard to find to fit that Schwinn Jaguar frame and accept disc brakes so I don't plan to be doing any changes anythime soon. The 'Norton' bike was my fifth build and I've added several more after it. But, I've not had one since that has compared to that one.

    Just asking, do you have favorite bike, and why is it your favorite?

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    I've ridden maybe 4 or 5 hundred of these & after the rad therapy with my innards crisp as bacon, thought I'd have to stop riding and even test riding, but I detuned one for myself to be so smooth that you can't even tell it's running - that is now my favorite.
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    My current Pig. Nice and roomy and handles like part of my nervous system. No surprises.
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    My #1 began its life as my transportation back and forth from middle school. Like Maniac said, it's almost an extension of myself now. Still fits like a glove. I know it's going to hold up to whatever I may throw at it, and has only been more fun since I put a FD on. Nobody knows what to make of it at first sight. Good conversation piece. I've met more of my neighborhood out riding it around than I have in all the years I've lived here.
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    Wow thats a hard one to answer Tom.....

    None of my bikez are real fancy and I like all of them currently for different reasons and for different type riding, although its currently not my fastest bike or the smothest running one above 30 mph Ill have to say that the overall most enjoyable to ride bike I have now out of my four current riders is the Huffy Karaoke bike, it is smooth and very solid feeling, I put tall ape bars on it this last week and next it will get a laid back seat post and then it will really be the has a big front mount BGF engine I bought back in 2010, it has horrible vibes above 34 mph but at 30-32 Its ver comfortable running bike, it has around 1300 miles on it now and has been a very low maintenance build, I know some curse at the Huffy bikez and claim they aint worth squat, but Ill guarantee ya if those people had owned one like my Karaoke they would have a different opinion of it, I can hit the road on this Huffy and cruise for as many miles as the fuel supply will allow at 32 mph or less and enjoy every last mile of it, the wheels are still just as true and the bearing as tight as when I first set them up 1300 milez ago.... yeah its a comfy little bugger and I'd have a very hard time giving this one up, and once I get a Dax GenIV lower build with the current top end on it I should have a 40 mph bike that runs as good as it does now at 30 and that will make it even better.

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    Gosh you have a nice collection of MAB photos, Tom!
    ..I never looked at anyone's profile photos before!!! lol
    a whole new world!

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