CNS Carb angled (and leaking) because Clutch cable is in the way?


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Mar 30, 2012
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum (and motorized bikes actually). I recently got a bike with a 66cc SkyHawk Grubee Engine that has the CNS carb installed.

I noticed it leaks fuel pretty badly and I'm assuming it's because the float/bowl needs to be level. However, the way the piping is directed from the engine the clutch cable is right in the way of me setting the carburetor level.... Any suggestions (besides welding or drastic modifications)? Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, I've heard you need to remove the "pink" tube from the carburetor? Are you supposed to get rid of any of the other tubes or detach them from somewhere?

Also, I noticed the power is very inconsistent? Sometimes I'll give it gas and it'll really pick up, but other times it just plateaus or puts around.... Probably a throttle issue?

*Sorry if I'm using any terminology wrong, btw...



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Feb 28, 2010
No problem, since it is a CNS I will assume a Skyhawk or FlyingHorse motor.
There is a retaining nut on the clutch cable 'retaining point' bolt on the motor just below where the carb goes.

Loosen it and give that bolt thing a twist or two down and then tighten the nut back up.
That should give you carb bowl to clutch cable stay bolt enough room.