cns carburetor
  1. Cheech

    Used CNS Carbs for Sale

    Hey guys and gals here at Red Rock Cycles we're doing some Winter clean-out and today we have six (6) slightly used CNS style "performance carburetors" AS-IS. Some have filters some don't. New they list for about $65 but we're letting this basket go for $135 plus $10 ground shipping. We're not...
  2. 7

    Mystery Part?

    I recently adjusted the throttle cable and when I went to put the top of the carburetor back on I found this on the ground (see pic). I have no idea where it fits back into place? I have a CNS carb btw. Someone Please help! :-||
  3. 7

    CNS Carb angled (and leaking) because Clutch cable is in the way?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum (and motorized bikes actually). I recently got a bike with a 66cc SkyHawk Grubee Engine that has the CNS carb installed. I noticed it leaks fuel pretty badly and I'm assuming it's because the float/bowl needs to be level. However, the way the piping is...