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    Hi All,

    I have a 2 stroke 80cc motor attached to a huffy cruiser. Everything works fine for the most part until tonight.

    I had biked home and needed to head out again, so I pulled my clutch down, and started to walk the bike and it was very hard. I had hopped on the bike and began to pedal. I pushed really hard and made it about 2 revolutions before I could not pedal anymore (all while holding the clutch down as hard as I could)

    The clutch seems to have come loose? I'm not sure how, or if, tightening it is the best way to proceed.

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    Feb 10, 2013
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    You should have little (or no) movement (free-play) of the clutch arm. The arm is what the cable pulls, not the handle your hand grabs. If you can wiggle the arm more than about 1/8" (and even that's probably too much) then readjust the cable tension. To do that, either loosen the ferrule at the arm and slide it up the cable and tighten, or you can just adjust it at the lever with the adjusters. Either way, you don't ever want to loosen the clutch plate, it will need tightening after a few hundred miles, but never loosened.
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    And to clarify, what you describe is a clutch that is not disengaging. Your clutch is staying engaged.

    These terms are often misunderstood or used in reverse. Not getting down on you, just informing for your benefit.


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