Clutch making strange noise while engine is idling [Video]

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    Hello everybody, I'm pretty new in this community so please don't blame me too much :D

    So let's get started with the problems:
    • When i start my engine and i pull in my clutch i start hearing some fast banging noise(not really sure how to call it) coming from the clutch plate side. And when I let the clutch go that sounds disappear. So I took the cover off and i saw while my engine is idling that the plate is a little bit shaking, then i thought that i should take the clutch plate off and reassemble it, but there goes another problem :
    • I can't unscrew that little small screw that locks that flower nut.

    Video of that strange noise: You can definitely hear some strange soudns in the background.

    Hope to hear from you guys!
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