clutch lever


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Mar 5, 2008
Well Fedx just delivered my new Boygofast 70cc.motor intact and undamaged.
Yeah the paint on the gas tank is pretty rough but I planned on repainting so no big deal.The only thing I find unacceptable is the clutch lever.Gawd awful stamped metal.
The ad on ebay mentioned new Russian cluch lever.I guess the old one was made out of wood or something.Where can I find an upgrade for this POS.
Thanks, Ron


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I too use a brake lever but I'm not looking for a designated clutch lever. I like the brake lever pretty well.

I have that kit in 80cc and yes the clutch is atrocious. I never could make mine work at all. Be careful of the accelerator as well. I ruined mine while trying to get the motor to start. Got carried away and tried to get a little more gas in it one time too many.

I wound up using the gear selector lever from a mountain bike as a throttle control and I like it just fine. I think I'll be able to use a regular brake cable if my throttle cable breaks now.


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Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
Give old boy go fast a email and explain you would like the good locking aluminum lever sometimes he will help you out I always tell him in the special message box what I want and so far he's been good about it except for the shipping damage 3 out of 4 the heads fins were broke he did replace them but I had to pay $8.00 for shipping I was a little mad about it cause you have to pay insurance which I think is beer money for him cause it dang sure won't do the buyer which is us any good. Pm me and I'll tell you some more.