chillin in da burg


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Jan 6, 2009
st.petersburg fla
well lets see....i guess it all started when i bought a schwinn spoiler back in 2005 i think was the closest thing to a motorcycle id ever seen and i knew i had to motorize it somehow

first attempt was electric....made a mount from training wheel parts and a few old kickstands that held the motor and a homemade transmission of old steel hub i cut the middle out of and welded together at the flanges with a free wheel and a solid sprocket on one side and on the other a sprocket for the elec motor.......the build went really well and worked great but it just wasnt enuff for me and im not really good with charging batteries.....but i made the whole thing removable incase i wasnt happy with it

thats when i found the china girl kits.....but there was alot of talk about the banning of 2 stroke engines in 2006 and after some research i decided to make my own kit using a pocket bike motor instead........that turned out great too but i had to remove the pedal drive so i could keep my disc brakes and even tho im sure every cop in town would agree that was a good choice it kinda takes it out of the bicycle catagory and i dont really ride it much cuz i dont wanna get it impounded.....this was back when they were impounding alot of pocket bikes now it just sits in my house

but now ive caught the bug again and im ready to try an in frame soon as i can afford

great forum with tons of really glad i found you guys......and girls