Jul 22, 2008
I used to have a cable choke on MOOP 1 and it ruled all kinds of rule but on MOOP 2 I like to keep things simple. Heck,it only has the coaster brake with no front brake because that's how the bike as been since the 70's.
And I keep my speeds down even though that China engine wants to go faster.
But these China engines have their choke all wrong. The choke should be on the left side so you can keep your throttle on the right.
So I guess you COULD try to rig it so you can choke with your left hand.
OR.. switch the throttle to the left.

Yes i know. It's sacrilegious.

I mean ALL motorcycles have the throttle on the right.

It's the way of the world.

But it shure would be easier to handle that choke with your left hand handling the throttle.

It shure would feel weird though.

Anyone done this?

Anyone now planning to do this after reading this thread?

How about anyone that got their choke on the left side?

Then I thought if I had my clutch lever on the right,then I can actually use my hand signals at an intersection whereas before I cannot because my signal hand is holding the clutch in.


Then there are the thieves that may pause to figure out what's going on here,just enough for you to tackle them down and save the day.
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Dec 26, 2007
Scottsville, VA
HI Large,

In looking an an old HT carb it would seem doable....would require drilling a hole on the other side and rigging up a nut and bolt setup to hold the lever and choke plate all together....I do see that the there is a flat spot on both sides that is cast into the carb where the factory pieces are located but I suppose with some precision dremelling maybe some small washers could be fabbed to make a flat spot for everything to mount to (of course it should be sealed to prevent additional air leaks....

I thinking about it, while it does seem easy in theory, I can see it being somewhat time consuming...If the cable choke works I would think that would be faster to do possibly...

Another alternative may be to build an intake that causes the carb to face forward....maybe that would kill 3 birds with one stone in that you could : 1) move the choke to the left side as you wanted 2) Make it possible for "Ram Air" to work since the carb would now be facing forward and 3) if you made the intake the proper length (i.e. a tuned intake) you could see better engine performance....

Since you've already tried the cable choke....maybe one of the other 2 alternatives would be good.

Hope this helps


PS - I personally like the last alternative! ;-)

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Mar 20, 2008
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I have gotten used to reaching over with my left hand and working the choke while starting my bikes...
Don't start making things more complicated... keep the bike simple!

Walter F.

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Jun 4, 2008
Large One you get 2 stars by your name for idea of the day, and here's why.I'm getting ready to mount the new "manifold" I had to make for the"KID" and because there is NO room on a 20" bike it makes a 90-degree bend, so the carb sucks from the side instead of from the rear. I was going to have it facing like a Harley, to the right. Now I'm gonna just flip it 180-degrees and it'll suck on the left. Every time I use the choke I'll think of you oh Large One. Happy Trails Walter F.
Jul 22, 2008
Thank you!!

I may in fact try switching throttle and clutch around.

Yes I have always done the left hand thing but I found myself looking down all the time when I play with my choke. When you look down you're not looking at the road. Then I would do like stopping the bike then adjust. If I could do all that with my right hand then I wouldn't have to look at it. It's just a natural transition.

But I'm really thinking about the safety aspect of having the clutch on the right so that I can use my hand signals with my left hand.

I may also try to just move my clutch to the right with throttle. I don't have brake levers to play with so this is doable. But then I don't know if I can finagle the clutch release/throttle all with one hand.

But if I could I could make video's with my camera phone with my left hand!
Jul 22, 2008

Really? Now I have no choice!

(edit) YES! They used it for a lot of years because the hand shift was on the right!

I'm gonna make the switch.

This is a must do!
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Jemma Hawtrey

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Dec 29, 2007
Essex, UK
I hate to say it but I always put the throttle to the left on both bikes.. mainly because I am right handed and the better control to the brake I have the safer I feel (well, up to recently anyway)

I guess it might be a little different with the twistgrip type throttles - im going to try for a foot throttle as soon as I can and I have the parts required

Jemma xx


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May 15, 2008
Every Philipino that I have met (so far) have been very intelligent.

The left handed throttle will surely slow-down thieves.

After having a $30.00 battery stolen from me, and having my back tire stapled, I too have been brainstorming on ways to slow-down thieves and other malcontents.

My new idea incorporates stun-gun electrodes on either side of the seat, running across the front knob. If the rider does not throw a kill-switch, it will fire-up with a pressure switch hidden on the seat. The battery also would be hidden under the seat.

I considered just switching the CDI output between the seat and the spark plug, but have concluded that the voltage is not high enough.

Most bicycle thieves are male, and I can attest that this definately would stop any male thief at least for a few minutes. I'm confident that the prototype will be finished by next spring, along with my second build.

Keep on rock'n.

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Jul 22, 2008

I did it and you know what?

I like it!

What's truly weird is when you switch the throttle to your left it now works BACKWARDS meaning turn your wrist UP to accelerate. Yes. Even more thief confusion.

I also like that at intersections my left hand is free to signal because my right hand is on the clutch.

And the choke. Right hand! No looking down.


(pardon the lack of grass. I have 5 dogs)


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