bike engine, 2 stroke 80cc, new

Jim T.

New Member
Dec 21, 2008
My engine turns over with difficulty and when I pedel and let out the clutch, I can no longer pedel it. Is this normal? I haven't got it started yet.

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Yes, that's normal.

Turn on the fuel.
Push the tickler down for three seconds.
Use half to three quarter choke.
Pedal up to about ten mph and release the clutch. It should fire. If it doesn't adjust the choke up to full and start back down to half. Try different throttle amounts too.
If that doesn't get it to go, pull the plug and check for spark.

Sometimes the kill switch (a lot of the time) is defective and shorts the engine out.