"Best" Motorized Tandem

Seth Stewart

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Dec 28, 2018
My wife & I are looking for a motorized tandem bike.

I see this forum has much info about DIYing motors to non-motorized bikes, and I’m not adverse to going that route. However, we are in our 60s and not too mechanically inclined, so I was hoping to get some advice/reviews of the current “best” motorized tandems that are already assembled.

We live on the coast of So CA, and will be using this primarily as a road bike on flat & hill asphalt paths. No dirt biking/mountain biking. Thanks in advance, and happy 2019!
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Ludwig II

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Jul 17, 2012
It depends on your budget, but you can buy classic/vintage/old European motorised tandems, although they're $$$. People here will give you the right informatioon about what's available in America though.
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Feb 13, 2009
British Columbia Canada
Welcome to the forum. Best powered tandem? Kind of like the best car to buy only there are fewer powered tandem sellers. They buy tandem bikes and add a motor.

Since your not sure about building a bike be prepared to pay $3,000 and up. Pedego is one seller.

If it is me doing it I'd buy a bikes from these folks. American made for over a 100 years and commercial grade.

Then I'd purchase a 48v motor. These are divided into two styles. Mid Motor where the motor is near the pedals and comes with a replacement pedal system with two sprockets. One sprocket drives the rear wheel and the other sprocket drives the rear wheel with the motor. You can pedal without the motor interfering. The kit comes with everything you need except the battery. Installation time is under a day and if you Google, Electric Mid Motors you will see how they are installed. Legal power limit in the U.S. is 750w.

Sick Bike Parts.

Luna Cycles.

Hub Motor. With these you simply remove the front or rear wheel and install it. Wire up the controller and throttle and add a battery. If the bike didn't come with front disc brakes I'd add them with either system.

Luna Cycles and Golden Motors sell good ones.

Lithium batteries are the best battery to use and that is another discussion.

Hope this helps and I'm sure there will more members who will add their thought to this.

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