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    1. Tinsmith
      Mr Lud, With interest in your music life, were any of these folks on your radar early on? Dave Workman, Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, Jon Mark and Johnny Almond (Mark-Almond band) Early Zepplin, ZZ Top?
    2. MotorBicycleRacing
      Just stupid kid.......
    3. getmozzer
      Hello Lud,

      Thank you so much of the prompt reply. I am new to the autocycle world but it turns out one of the East Anglian fetishists-in-chief lives just down the road. I took the Gloria to him to get a dating certificate and he immediately asked if he could display it at their next motorbike show.

      The Gloria has been heavily previously restored and is currently not running. Before I get it running I want to gather as much info as I possibly can, so any leads or steers would be invaluable.

      As you will see form the photo, it has it's own Gloria engine unit. I am told this is very similar to the Mosquito and shares the same Dellorto carburettor.

    4. allen standley
      allen standley
      I abandoned the Top Hat adapter and went with the Manic Mechanic adapter. Now I feel more confident about the drive.
    5. allen standley
      allen standley
      I can do this - this afternoon, It's 8:23 am right now and I'm @ work. Very much appreciate your thoughts.
    6. allen standley
      allen standley
      Hello Ludwig! Just read a post where you talked about Adhesives vs Epoxies. Now I'm planning to mount a sprocket onto a disc brake (Screw on not splined) hub using a top hat adapter which will allow me to keep my rear disc brake. My concern is the engine and torque rotation will unscrew that screw on hub. Question - What type adhesive / epoxy should be used in this application?
    7. Blakenstein
      Thanks for putting my Bridgestone pic in your American Lightweight, however, you stated that it is a friction drive, but it is not friction drive, it is a chain drive. It comes from American Chain Drive Island Hopper . They do sell friction drive also, however, the Bridgestone Titan is a chain drive. You can clearly see the chain in the second pic. Thanks again and I'm glad that you like it.
    8. trouble1963
      What kind of bike do u ride ?I have huffy 26in with a 66cc it does about 40 max.
    9. saul
      would you know of anyone who sells main bearings for the 80cc kits ?
    10. The_Aleman
      Hi Ludwig II, I don't think the Groups function supports discussions right now. There's no way to initiate one that I know of. You'll have a much better chance getting your question answered by posting a thread in the forum! There's many knowledgeable people who are not in the group. Best of luck.
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