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Jul 31, 2008
hey guys! im name is serge and although ive hesitated registering at this forum until now i have been an addiment reader. i built my first motorized bike about 2 weeks ago out of a cheap mountain bike i got from target for under 60$! you guys have helped me with my installation and some trouble shooting.

this is my bike after a few minor fixes...
<img src="">

this is the first day out... little did i know i had the chain on too loose, a fuel leak, clutch needed adjustments, almost no breaks... but no worries i made it home safe

i had a minor fuel leak from the top nipple and the carb that i relucted to really take care of and fuel leaked onto the spark plug and one day when the bike wouldnt start i took the plug off and noticed it was contaminated.

anyway tomorrow afternoon im going to take all of your advice and get a inline fuel filter, some good gas line and some gasoline safe permatex on the threads as well as replace the so called "crappy" spark plug with a good champion.

hopefully all will run wonderfully
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