anyone use upper cylender lube ???

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    hey guys i have been making a magic mix that i thought i would share with you guys and its been working out realy well.

    i have a high comp motor and high oct gas is not easy to come by in mass unless you go up to the race track in NH lol so this is what i use

    .6 gallons 93 octaine pump gas no ethanol if possable
    1.8 oz opti 2 oil
    1 oz lucas oil octaine booster
    1 oz lucas uppercylender lube

    i mix the upper cylender lube in and the octain booster in with .5 gallons of 93 then add some more gass to get exactly .6 gallons then i add a 1.8 oz packet of opti 2 oil to it and shake the heck out of it, then pour it in my tank for a perfect fit.

    the mix turns out to be 40:1 aroung 96 octaine perfect for a high comp motor arouund 145-150 psi or 11:1 to 12:1 comp ratio...

    plug chops show a perfect chocolate color and acceleration has been snappy and smooth !!!

    what your mix and do u use upper cylender lube how has it worked out for you ?

    i noticed that with the cylender lube my motor runns a lot quiter and smoother and there is a little les vibe. but thats all and that is enough for me to want to keep seing it lol i believe it helps keep the wear down on the cylender wall from our giant 2mm thick rings and heps lube up all the bearings and internals better than without it .

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    Haven't tried the Lucas in my bike, but I've used it for years in all my cars. Great stuff in my opinion.........haven't had any head, carb, or injector issues since I've used it.
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    Lucas makes good stuff, I run Lucas Full Synthetic oil in my Harley, 20w-50 Engine, Tranny and Primary, does a great job and I use Lucas injector cleaner as well, it just works..!


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