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  • A new season is upon us. Hows your riding? Hows your bike holding up? I had surgery in Jan (torn rotator cuff in shoulder) healing excellent. Could ride now daily but my ride starts before sunrise and potholes seem to be developing everywhere overnight. April showers bring May flowers or so they say- I am looking for somthing to build soon. Catch ya later
    Nice bke Roger, Love to NOT see those ugly / dangerous stock chain tensioners. If people knew that it's all about keeping that motor chain and pedal chain both happy. I spend a couple hours mock mounting the engine, modding the rear stock mount (shorten by cutting or lengthen with shim)so the motor chain is just right. Tuff to do with dropouts but not impossible at all if you're patient.
    Hey rogerdendron1,

    That would very nice if i could try out that stock deck/rechambered head from ya!
    Unfortunately i have to wait until friday to pay for shipping.
    Also my cylinder head is the basic double chambered squish band slant head.
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